What is a Fuck Buddie

1.  fuck buddy  
All the benefits of being in a relationship minus the bullshit like not doing enough for Valentine’s Day or her birthday, not spending 3 months salary on a stupid ring, and not spending enough quality time with her.
The sex with Lisa is great but she’s a pain in the ass – I wish we could just be fuck buddies and not boyfriend/girlfriend

2.  fuck buddy  
A sex partner to whom you have no special attachment. A person you occasionally have sex with who is not your S.O.

A fuck buddy is similar to a friend with benefits.
Person 1: So your girlfriend’s coming over?
Person 2: She’s not my girlfriend. We’re just fuck buddies.
3.  fuck buddy  
A person who is not your boyfriend or girlfriend (or farmyard animal), with whom you have sexual relations, on the mutual understanding that you both want sex and nothing more.

Strictly, for the term ‘fuck buddy’ to apply, both people involved have to be single.
“I ain’t had any dick in weeks! I’ll give Mike a call. He’s my fuck-buddy.”

4.  fuck buddy  
fuck buddy is when two people just want sex, no strings attatched. Usually people do this because they aren’t getting sex elsewhere therefore feel the need to have a ‘fuck buddy’. With the two people being fuck buddies they can sleep with or have sexual encounters/intercourse with a different person without being in a relationship.
Deirdrie: Margeret, whats going on between you and Boris?
Margeret: Oh, he’s just my fuck buddy.
fuck buddies fuk buds shag pals fuk budy’s shag bud’s

5.  Fuck Buddy  
A friend or acquaintence whom you occasionally (or often) have sex with. While the sex might be serious, the relationship isn’t.

AKA Friends With Benefits,Good Buddy
Kelsey was left wondering whether or not the “friend” her cousin Emily spoke about so much was her boyfriend or fuck buddy.
friend’s with benefits friend mate good buddy lover
6.  fuck buddy  
 buy fuck buddy mugs, tshirts and magnetsall the benefits of having a relationship minus the bullshit like acting interested in Every Word He Says, trying to sleep through mega-hertz snores, feeling like shit when he can’t use a calendar to remember your birthday, and being nice about it when he doesn’t make you come.
“So are things getting serious with Luis?”
“Nope – we skip the serious and go for the fuck. We’re fuck buddies.”

7.  fuck buddy  
 buy fuck buddy mugs, tshirts and magnetsTwo or more people who have a relationship consisting mostly of sex, with some characteristics of friendship. Like a friend with benefits, reversed. Often used in a joking or sarcastic manner.
“Yeah, Lucky and Nayuki are fuck buddies.”

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